Shaker Style Kitchen

A shaker style kitchen is a minimalistic kitchen style with a clean-lined design and little or no decoration. It dates back to the mid-18th century and is the epitome of functionality, craftsmanship, and simplicity. Today, the shaker style kitchen has become an increasingly popular design that is included in contemporary remodels.

The main characteristics of a modern shaker style kitchen are:

  • Drawers, cabinets, and doors have a raised rectangular frame and a flat centre panel.
  • Cabinet designs are mostly symmetrical and lack complex decorations and carvings.
  • Most pieces are stained or painted with colours such as blues, greens, reds, and yellows.
  • There should be pegs on the wall for dishcloths and coats.

So, how do you implement this practical yet stylish kitchen design in your home? Here are a few ways to do it.


Shaker style kitchen cabinets are popular for their boxy look — rectangular, to be precise. In addition, they typically have a five-piece door with a recessed centre panel.

Shaker style kitchen cabinet doors can have a cope-and-stick design or be recessed with clean and simple edges. Moreover, the doors can have cabinet hardware or be left plain, depending on your preference.


Although the classic shaker style kitchen in Australia uses more wood than colour, the modern shaker style kitchen features substantial natural tones. For example, some modern designs have shaker style cabinets painted in brighter colours, from deep blues to rich greens.

However, since shaker style is all about simplicity, you can choose a fuss-free kitchen colour scheme. Examples of such colours include white, black, brown, cream, grey, taupe, and beige.


Timber is the main choice for a shaker style kitchen, although any natural-looking floor is perfect. For instance, you can go for any of the popular hardwood varieties such as maple, oak, walnut, or cherry. There are also multiple stone flooring types that will complement your shaker kitchen.


Shaker style furniture is characterised by minimalist designs, tapered legs, and clean lines. On a functional level, this creates more leg room while making the table look lighter and less cumbersome.

In addition to excellent craftsmanship, shaker style furniture is also punctuated by the high quality of the wood used in the manufacturing process.


Your shaker style kitchen should have simple, rustic lights with no unnecessary decoration.

For example, you can go for recessed fixtures or ceiling-mounted ones that direct light downwards and floor-lamp torchieres or wall sconces. These fixtures can be made from popular finishes such as forged silver, antique copper, wrought iron, and oil-rubbed bronze.

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