A-Plan custom wardrobes

We create wardrobe solutions for your home which are organised, clutter-free and stylish. Leaving room for you to live in and enjoy your home.

An organised and clutter-free home becomes a comfortable haven you can truly relax in. Clutter causes stress; it’s hard to unwind when you’re constantly stepping over piles of clothes and pairs of shoes because it is just too hard to find somewhere to put them away.

No matter how large or small your space is, our designers have the experience to design custom wardrobes in a style that will complement your home. You might have a large walk-in wardrobe that needs updating or need some quality space-efficient storage designed for under your stairs.

A well-designed quality custom wardrobe will bring an element of luxury to your bedroom while being practical, so you’ll find it easy to organise everything into its place. Enjoy the ease of having all your shoes beautifully displayed on shoe racks that glide out at a touch. Experience the difference of drawers that close softly, clothes rails that effortlessly pull down and slide out as well as knock-resistant cabinets that will stand the test of time.

Our designers have access to a huge selection of finishes to create your ideal wardrobe and storage cupboards. We welcome you to come to our showrooms to meet one of our professional designers. Together you can explore the opportunities for your custom-built wardrobe. Just like when we design a custom kitchen, we’ll use a similar fastidious approach to understand your storage needs.