Book Shelves and Shoe Robes

Bookshelves and shoe robes

Wardrobes in full carcase colour or woodgrain give a rich feel. They’re a stylish alternative to the typical white interiors found in most Australian wardrobes.Walk-in wardrobes can be open for simplicity or have doors to conceal the contents, depending on your tastes.

Design features

Ravine melamine was used in this project for the doors, the open shelving and the base storage cabinet. We installed slanted shelving inside the robe as an easy way to organise shoes – no more piles of shoes at the bottom of the robe.

-Exposed interior bookshelves in Ravine deep grain wood melamine features on the doors and open shelving

-Shallow spaces, which are perfect for a shoe cabinet with angled shelves and makes it easy to choose the shoes to wear

-Hinged robe doors, which give easier access to the inside of the wardrobe, removing the need to shuffle sliding doors (sliding doors are great where space between the bed and the robe is limited)